Of course.

Memorable? Absolutely.

Tasteful? Of course.

Memorable? Absolutely.

There will be hors d’ oeuvres, cocktails, fantastic food, and great music.

But you want more. A nonprofit event like no other. Something that stands out, that people are eager to attend, and where guests become excited to give.

Welcome to Ariana Stecker Events, where exceptional nonprofit events are the norm. Working with your team, or bringing in her own, Ariana strategizes every aspect of your event for a seamless flow that enhances guest experience. With a focus on encouraging contributions, your event will run more efficiently with reduced costs.

While Ariana herself brings the expert strategy to the table, she has a network of on-the-ground, in-the-weeds event planners to do the heavy lifting. She firmly believes that they are not the same person and it’s Ariana’s tiered-team approach to nonprofit planning that sets her apart. You have ONE shot to get it right. 

Ariana gets it right. Then builds off that success for year-after-year growth.

Ariana Stecker Non Profit Events


Your party serves a dual purpose: to raise awareness and secure donations. Let’s ensure both are an epic success.

The event experience guests receive is a measurable factor for a successful event and a monetary raise. Ariana gets it. And gets it right.


“It’s not often you run into someone like Ariana who is in absolute command of their craft.”

— Hank Greenberg,122nd President of the New York State Bar Association

The Ariana Stecker Difference

Create and Implement Long-Term Growth Goals

Ariana helps you get crystal clear on your fundraising goals — for this event and the long term — and strategize the path to get there as efficiently as possible.

Achieve More Fluid Run of Show and Scheduling

Exact timing matters. Your event must feel spontaneous, but behind the scenes, we carefully craft the “show” to maximize emotional response and fundraising,  by combining technology,  theatrics and talent.

Improve Speaker & Emcee Strategy

Brainstorming the “who”, “how do we get them” and “what the value add is” of specific honorees and emcees, Ariana ensures you land the right person for the job.

Analyze Event Format & Target Demographic

Understanding who you want in the room, then how to attract them is key. Ariana helps identify what type of event will attract new supporters and keep already loyal ones happy and engaged.

Receive Creative Expertise & Guidance

Ariana ensures your event delivers your brand message clearly and uniquely to deliver an immersive “night to remember” experience. Turn new attendees into lifelong champions for your cause. 

Boost Staff Retention & Support

Events come and go but your internal staff is the backbone of your organization. Throughout the event planning process, Ariana teaches and motivates your team so they perform at their peak level.

Ready to fundraise some serious dough?

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