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Event Coaching

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Ariana instills a renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm to your in-house team to invigorate your events and streamline your process. She knows how to motivate, while keeping it fun, and at the same time leaving employees feeling empowered and excited to take on their work to the next event.

Having built several event and marketing companies from the ground up, Ariana knows exactly what it is like to be the day-to-day event planner, the CEO, and how to “read” the client and the consumer. Being an entrepreneur, she is experienced in building teams, focusing both on skills and dynamics, and has guided hundreds of employees throughout their career, remaining a mentor to many. She believes that when people are in growth mode, there is a sense of accomplishment that goes way beyond a paycheck. 

“I would not be where I am today in my career without your guidance and mentoring“

— Brooke U, Former direct report to Ariana

How Event Coaching
is a Game-Changer

Motivate & Excite Staff

Motivated and empowered employees are more confident and produce better events. Mindful to never step on toes, Ariana becomes their biggest cheerleader — helping them realize their potential.

More Successful & Profitable Events

Let Ariana guide your team on time-saving strategies, money-saving tricks, and vendor-relations secrets, while uplifting them to bring their A-game. Then watch your events transform before your eyes!

Stay on Top of Current Trends & Best Practices

The event industry is ever-changing and there is no central information highway. As a trendsetter, let Ariana refine and elevate event ideas before they are presented to decision makers.

Identify & Improve Department Efficiency

By quickly identifying individual strengths, Ariana helps formulate teams so they run more efficiently, smoothly and creatively, so everyone can perfect their craft.

Senior Level Advising At Critical Moments

Acting as a bridge between employees and management, Ariana is an ear for both sides. Everyone wants to be heard, but sometimes you need an outside objective opinion.

Rediscover Your Teams Strengths & Passions

Take this opportunity to get the inside scoop on your employee’s point of view, then strategically apply our findings to boost your internal corporate culture.

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