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The life-saver,
the magic-maker,
the “that was a company party!?” ground-breaker.

Meet Ariana Stecker. The life-saver, the magic-maker, the “that was a company party!?” ground-breaker.

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Meet Ariana

Event Planner?
More like Event Innovator.

Ariana gets it. You’re not just throwing a party; there is a very real objective that must be accomplished. 

Whether you are investing in the growth of your company or brand, or raising awareness and funds for your cause, it is more than just an event. And you need more than just an event planner.

As a strategic-thinking, efficiency-focused, COO-experienced consultant, operations specialist and event coordinator, Ariana produces every aspect of your event. And she makes it stellar. Guests walk away having had an immersive experience, not just having attended an event as a spectator.

Ariana has overseen hundreds of high-profile events, including nonprofits that have raised millions of dollars in one night, and private events with attendees from 50 to 500 people.

Not only does Ariana’s leadership and planning consistently deliver memorable experiences that pay off….she knows you have ONE night to get it right and flawless is the only option.

Ariana’s focus is on creating the ultimate experience for your guests. Why?

Simply put — guests that feel engaged at your event, interact more with your brand during and after the event.

They donate more. They purchase more. They post more. And they want to come back for more.


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