The life-saver.
The magic-maker.
The “that was a company party?!’
Ground breaker.

The life-saver. The magic-maker.
The “that was a company party?!’
Ground breaker.


No smartphones. No digital cameras. No social media. And no real online or email marketing.

Now enter a company that takes your picture, and hands you a card to join their site to see that picture.

That company grows to a 250k subscribers in only 2 years, to become the online hub for partygoers in NYC.

It also completely disrupts and innovates the industry by selling every inch of its website to the very venues who need to reach those partygoers.

Seems easy for the year 2023. But it was a NEW idea in the year 2000 and JoonBug — founded by a 22-year-old Ariana — created this way of sales and marketing.

Now, she applies her ingenuity and strategic thinking to ensure the success of her clients’ projects.

About Ariana SteckerA corporate or nonprofit event should be elegant, yes. But boring, typical and predictable? Under Ariana’s watch, not a chance!

While these events must have a level of sophistication and require certain consistent elements for success, this does not mean they have to be cookie-cutter. Ariana’s specialty is creating memorable and unique moments that matter.

Ariana’s clients continually see measurable increases in donations and revenue, and experience greater and faster growth than their competitors.  

People have a choice where to donate or spend their money. Ariana helps make the decision easy for them.

“Imaginative. High energy. Ridiculously efficient. Superb problem-solver. And fun. Ariana Stecker is all that and more.” 

— Susie Gharib, Anchor, Fortune Magazine and CNBC


a select list includes:


Ariana has managed and coordinated events at exclusive hard-to-secure venues including:

About Ariana Stecker


Ariana’s events have been featured in:

Ariana Stecker’s Career Highlights include:

  • Chief Operating Officer at Save The Date®, an award-winning event planning company in Manhattan.
  • Executed full scale weddings in the Tri-State Area with budgets ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000.
  • Founder and President of JoonBug.com, overseeing hundreds of high-profile events with annual ticket sales exceeding $25,000,000 with over 500,000 attendees
  • Featured as an Event Expert on MTV, The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal
  • Recruited, Trained and Managed teams as small as six people to upwards of 75 full-time and 200 part-time employees
  • Instructed courses in New York City on How to Become an Event Planner
  • Facilitated nonprofit revenue growth from events at an average of 25%, year over year

Eat, Drink and Be Legendary

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