Bust out the bubbly.

This is strategy in stilettos.

Go ahead and chill the Champagne — you’re about to celebrate your event’s phenomenal success.

With an unrivaled and unique mix of skills, your event is in excellent hands. Encompassing a COO’s strategic thinking, and an entrepreneur’s passion and financial focus, Ariana delivers measurable results. Add in her over two decades long executive level career in New York City, and deep event industry connections, and you can feel absolutely confident knowing your event will knock their socks off. And have them dancing barefoot.

Whether your focus is on enticing investors, winning new clients, celebrating employee achievements, or gaining brand exposure, Ariana ensures your event hits not only the mark, but the bullseye.

The best part? Ariana works with your current team — or brings in her own experts —for efficiency like you’ve never seen before. Cheers to that!


Challenges always arise when planning something with so many moving parts — it’s normal and to be expected —but as the queen of keeping her cool, Ariana commands unusual calmness within chaos. She works to elevate the mindset and efficiency of all vendors and staff so they’re able to perform to their greatest abilities. Even during stressful times. Far from just a planner, Ariana is more like your very own high-performance Event Coach.

The Importance of Your Company Event

The Importance of
Your Company Event

Nurture Existing Client Relationships

Sure, closing a client is important but keeping them happy is EVERYTHING. Events are a crucial way to keep your clients informed, entertained and raving fans of your brand.

Build In-Person Rapport to Gain New Clients

People like doing business with people they like. Period. A cocktail is far more exciting than a Powerpoint. Get creative and give prospective clients an event to remember. 

Celebrate Internal Achievements

Who doesn’t like to be recognized for a professional achievement in front of their peers? Be it a company-wide or employee-specific milestone, celebrate it and foster a sense of community.

Retain & Recruit Enthusiastic Employees

Now more than ever, employee retention is critical. Excite and show employees you care with a day out of the office or a night out on the town. It’s the most major ROI.

Introduce Your Brand & Manage the Message

Perception is everything. You are only as good as your last event. Timing, visuals, content, food, entertainment… they all matter. Attendees should leave wanting more. Ariana makes sure of that.

Win New Business

Well-executed events offer a lucrative opportunity to entice new customers. As an industry leader, Ariana takes the guesswork out of what will resonate most with your target audience, massively increasing your chances of converting guests into clients.

Ready to Party,

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